Who is Andrea?

Andrea Grant

Andrea Grant is a 29 year old burn survivor born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. In August 2001 at 9 years old, Andrea and her 11 year old brother were caught in a tragic explosion of their family home due to a gas leak. Andrea died and doctors brought her back. After being air lifted to Texas, enduring months of pain, numerous surgeries and learning how to eat, write, and walk all over again. They both survived! With God and her strong mother Andrea has blossomed to a beautiful young lady with confidence you wouldn't believe. Her story alone has inspired so many. In 2012 at 20 years old Andrea put together a Christmas giveaway under the name 12 Families One Movement. She reached out to the local community and together she helped 12 less fortunate families with clothes, shoes, toys, but most of all love during the holidays. In January 2014 Andrea started her foundation called Beyond Scars Inc. with the hopes of encouraging kids who are also burn survivors. Beyond Scars focuses on self-esteem, confidence, and, perseverance. This year Andrea was asked to speak at Lighthouse Christen School at their Dove Conference to a group young girls. She left them with this "look in the mirror, find that one thing you love about yourself and build confidence around it". She has since used that phrase to encourage many. Andrea has mirrors made with that phrase printed on the back to promote self love. She has also started a T-shirt line that she sells using the profits to put back into her organization. This year she also attended Gainesville, Florida's Touch A Truck Carnival Fundraiser For Burn Camp Amigo. She passed out shirts to fellow burn survivors and met beautiful people who have learned to live life beyond their scars. She is now orchestrating a challenge "I Did It From My Heart". Challenging the people of her community to do something for others from their heart and document it. Andrea is aiming to make a major move in her city in any way she can. She has also started a support group for other burn survivors. Andrea has overcome many adversities in the 15 years since her tragic accident, touching many hearts along the way. She is no longer a burn victim but a burn survivor. With her story she is making this possible for others to also become beyond their scars.